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  • General organisation of the project
  • SILGLETO2 project combines the U.S. counterpartís expertise in silicon nanotechnology with the French counterpartís expertise in mesoporous drug delivery materials, photophysics, photodynamic therapeutic agents, and clinical photodynamic therapy to develop photoactive anti-cancer materials based on biodegradable silicon nanostructures.
    The NSF-funded U.S. counterpart focuses on fundamental materials science issues and develop new nanoparticle synthesis methods, biodegradable surface and sensitizer encapsulation chemistries.
    The ANR-funded French lab counterpart focuses on the biological applications and leads the evaluation of the in vitro and in vivo properties of the new nanomaterial constructs.
    The US and French groups jointly study the cell targeting chemistries for porous Si nanoparticles, and the fundamental photochemistry and photophysics of the new materials.
  • Technical flow chart of the tasks
  • More details on each task is available HERE
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